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Anja is a circus artist and musician from Switzerland and graduated from the National Circus School in Montreal in June 2022.


She has always been fascinated by different art forms. Ever since she first saw a circus show at the age of 4, it was clear that she wanted to become an artist one day. She had her first stage experiences as a child with her self-composed harp music and as a teenager on tour.

She took 10 years of classical harp lessons and 6 years of piano lessons.

She then attended the ENCC circus school in Châtellerault, France, where she was able to deepen her knowledge of various circus disciplines, dance and theater.

Already in her youth she took part in numerous productions, including LABO' Cirque Suisse 2015, 2016 at the Konzert Theater Bern, 2017 at "Mâts et Cordages" in Québec, Canada and in the Christmas Variété of Zirkus Mugg, as well as numerous shows in Costa Rica. In spring 2020, Anja was accepted at the renowned circus school École Nationale de Cirque ENC in Montreal, Canada, where she specialized in aerial straps. In the summer of 2020 during the Corona period, Anja started to create art on the theme of water together with a collective of artists and dancers.

In the same year, she began developing a new aerial harp act "Lunarpa", in which she plays the electric harp live in the air and combines this with straps, thus combining her two great passions for circus and music in one act. In summer 2021 Anja was on tour with Zirkus Chnopf. In 2023 she founded the company EllementArts and in the same year they produced and performed their first piece Dancing water drops, in which Anja takes over the artistic direction, musical concept, composition and live music and also performs on stage as an artist herself.

Since graduating, Anja has founded the duo Ocean sisters together with the artist Salome Aebersold, has been in residence in Sweden with Acting for Climate, is part of the Öff Öff aerial dance company and performs nationally and internationally as an artist and musician in numerous shows and productions, including at Das Zelt, the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, the Seenachtfest in Kreuzlingen and Romanias got Talent.

In 2023, her Lunarpa Act was selected at the International Young Stage Festival in Basel and won the CVA Special award. 

Her greatest inspiration for her music and movement qualities is the element of water and the different dynamics and forms that water can take on.

Photo: Steven Berruryer

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