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Duo Ocean sisters

Duo Ocean sisters is a new aerial duo from Switzerland. Anja Luna and Salome Aebersold both started doing circus at age 11 and they both started to play the harp at age 7. 

What connects them is their love for movement, nature and music. They both find their main inspiration for their art in and by the water and love to spend hours exploring new movement qualities inspired by the beauty and art of nature.

They had their first duo performance in 2020 with the act „Duo Harpeze“ an act in which both are playing the harp upside down on a trapeze. Since 2022 Salome and Anja are performing regularly for national and international events and festivals. They both founded the compagnie  „EllementArts“ in Switzerland and are also both part of the the compagnie „ÖffÖff areial dance“ in Switzerland. 


Duo Ocean sisters has multiple duo acts:

  • Duo strapeze 

  • Duo synchronized straps 

  • Duo acrodance

  • Duo harpeze

  • More duo acts on request






  • TV Performance Tele Bärn with Duo Harpez

  • Performance with Duo Harpez Rudolf Steiner Schule Ittigen



  • September Gala Zirkusschule Bern, Switzerland

  • September Jubiläum Gala ACO, Switzerland

  • October Jubiläum Gala Baumat, with Öff Öff Aerial dance, Switzerland

  • October Foto Zumstein Photo Circus, Switzerland

  • November Kaleidoskop Variété, Switzerland



  • February Residency with Acting for Climate, Sweden

  • February/March Envision Festival, Costa Rica

  • Instagram
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