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Anja plays Pedal harp, celtic harp, electrical harp, aerial harp and piano since 19 years.

Anja plays for weddings, events, creative projects and shows as as well as intuitive meditative music for yoga classses and meditations.

She is the main composer and live musician of Compagnie EllementArts, played concerts at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, at the opening of BakeryBakery in Zürich, and multiple christmas and new years concerts at BakeryBakery Länggasse in Bern, she played a concert at Festival Art'borescence in Valangin, played at IDOLEM studio in Montreal for yoga classes and cacao ceremonies, at Festival Phenomena in Montreal for Andrea Martinez' cyr wheel act and she also often composes music for circus and dance performances.

She collaborates with the guitarist Tony Putaggio and they recorded their first collaboration-song Cascade dansante at Oceano Studio in Costa Rica in 2023.

Her self composed music comes directly from her heart and is mostly inspired by nature, water and the human experience. Anja also loves to specifically compose music for artistic acts and show projects. Contact Anja for music samples.

Next concerts:

Salon des fées Val-au-travers (close to Neuchâtel)

Saturday 2. 3. 2024 multiple sets between 13 and 17h

Sunday 3. 3. 2024 multiple sets between 13 and 17h

Photos: Jona Harnischmacher

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