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In her aerial harp act „Lunarpa“, Anja combines aerial straps technique with her self composed live music, on a suspended electric harp. She takes the spectator into her universe full of poetry and magic, inspired by the different qualities of water, such as transformation and fluidity. This innovative and unique number, never seen in the world before, highlights the two passions and talents of the artist Anja Luna: music and the circus. A blend of flexibility, strength, softness, and musicality creates an unforgettable experience for the spectators. The number is inspired by the journey of a drop of water, which always finds its way, but which is always changing, from a melting glacier to the arrival in the sea and finally evaporation. We find these qualities of water in its movements, but also in its music.

The artistic concept of this act is based on Anja's writing "the journey of the water drop".

Photo: Katja Habegger


Photo: Natalie Steuart

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